I am so proud of my new lookbook for Wear it to Heart.  I love when companies understand that women want to be strong AND sexy.  Feeling strong and happy on the inside radiates on the outside.  Even when I am prepping for a shoot, it all starts on the inside.  I believe consistency is key when it comes to diet, exercise, and looking and feeling your best.  But there are some things I do as well as avoid when prepping for a shoot.

1. Drink tons of water.  This is important everyday, but even more before a shoot.  Water keeps your skin glowing and looking fresh.

2. Avoid carbs, salt, sugar, minimal dairy and alcohol.  So, pretty much all the good stuff right?  Haha! I find that this rule is easy to follow by cutting out processed foods.  Cooking at home as opposed to eating out at a restaurant also helps reduce sodium intake.

3. Have a big breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner.

4. Some of my favorite things to eat before a shoot are: eggs and avocado for breakfast, arugula and shrimp salad for lunch, green juice and watermelon as a snack (has sugar but is great for reducing belly bloat), and my go-to kale salad for dinner.

These tricks work great for me, feel free to give them a try, but remember to listen to your own body, and do what makes you feel the best.  The better you feel on the inside the better you will look on the outside!

New Lookbook for W.I.T.H.

Photos by Lexi Montoya

Styling by Cat Wennekamp

Beauty by Dana Delaney

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