La Valise – There are a million things I could say about this hotel but you really have to experience it for yourself to understand how beautiful it is. The wide-open rooms, decked out with a bungalow vibe, huge balconies, and stunning views make you feel like you’re staying in a luxury treehouse right above the ocean. The staff here is also something to take note of. They’re all insanely accommodating and beyond friendly – feels like a home away from home.

Sanara – Another one of my favorites, Sanara must be added to your list of hotel visits. Just like La Valise, this hotel’s decor is on point and well known for their bamboo cotton beds and daybeds, imported all the way from Italy. This hotel is also home to The Real Coconut, which was one of my favorite restaurants to frequent during my time here…more on that later!

Be Tulum – Last, but certainly not least, Be Tulum is what your vacation dreams are made of. The hotel was constructed with native materials, giving it the ultimate Tulum feel. Guests are encouraged to engage in all the hotel has to offer including snorkeling, diving, biking, exploring and even horse back riding along the beach! Highly focused on wellness, the hotel offers a unique spa experience where you can indulge in pre-hispanic indigenous treatments, energy healing modalities, herbal bath rituals, body treatments, cleanses/detox programs and more!


Hartwood – One of the most unique food experiences you’ll have on the island! Hartwood is well known for its menu that changes daily, depending on what fresh ingredients the local Yucatan markets have to offer that day. This joint is constantly creating new dishes, which means you can eat here 3 days in a row and get something totally different and unique to the culture each time. 

The Real Coconut – As I mentioned earlier, this spot is conveniently located at Sanara and is proudly gluten, dairy, grain, soy and corn free! Which is even more impressive when you try the food which only leaves you wanting to come back for more. There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re indulging in a guilty pleasure that’s actually completely clean.

– Owned by Yves Naman, the man behind La Valise Hotels, this joint serves up modern Mexican cuisine with original recipes that don’t skip out on flavor. NÜ is ran by seven talented chefs and is head up by Cesar Castañeda, who was elected as one of Mexico’s 10 best Chefs under 30 by Gourmet Magazine. Everything on the menu offers a taste of traditional Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist. Perfect for your night out on the town with friends or as a romantic dinner spot.


Cenotes – Don’t leave Tulum without seeing these caves. One, in particular, is known by locals as the “Pet Cemetary” due to the vast amount of animal skeleton remains that you can actually see when you’re scuba diving. Watch out for the bats that like to hang out here, they’re everywhere! Not big on scuba diving? Check out Cenote Nicte Ha for the most magical little oasis – don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and camera.

Mayan Ruins – These gorgeous ruins are surrounded by the ocean and can be accessed by a quick taxi or by bike. I recommend wearing your swimsuit, you’ll want to take a dip in this beautiful little slice of paradise.


KM33 – Looking for a little retail therapy? KM33 is the perfect one-stop shop for one-of-a-kind, luxe pieces that will become staples to your vacation collection.

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