PAIGE: Why do you love your PAIGE?

Matt: I like the comfort. I think PAIGE has some of the best jeans. They wear well. 

Rocky: I like that we both wear it, you know, and steal each other’s stuff.

Matt: Like the jackets.

Rocky: Paige means classic pieces that are going to last you forever: skinny jeans, high-waisted, good washes and good jackets.

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PAIGE: What’s your favorite outfit on each other?

Matt: I like Rachel’s weird stuff. I like overalls, some baggy pants, kind of like the fashion stuff that no one else tends to really like. 

Rocky: He’s into my man repeller outfits.

Matt: Yeah, I am.

Rocky: I like Matt in his vintage tees and jeans. He always steals my vintage tees.

Matt: I do. Build my collection.

Rocky: Off mine.


PAIGE: Who takes the longest to get ready?

Matt: This is actually a debate that we have.

Rocky: This is a constant debate.

Matt: She seems to think that she gets ready quicker than me but it’s 100% not the case.

Rocky: I actually take longer to get ready but Matt doesn’t like to get ready until five minutes before I’m ready, so then I’m always waiting for him. So it’s debatable. 

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PAIGE: What’s your go-to date night outfit?

Matt: All black everything.

Rocky: Yeah, at night we like all black. Sexy top, black jeans.

Matt: Sexy top?

Rocky: Yeah, sexy top for both of us.


PAIGE: Who is most likely to wear their favorite pair of jeans to shreds?

Matt: Me.

Rocky: Matt.

Matt: Yeah, I’ve had my favorite pair of jeans probably since high school

Rocky: He’ll patch his jeans when they get holes in them before throwing them out and getting new ones.

Matt: Yeah, I patch them up with bandanas or whatever I can find to make them last even longer.

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PAIGE: Which PAIGE jeans do you live in?

Matt: Mine are my black Lennox and black Croft. They’re perfect for a night out, durable and they always fit well. 

Rocky: I don’t know my jeans by name like you, but I have a pair of skinny, cropped PAIGE jeans with knee slit in them that look good with everything. I’m also obsessed with my leather, bootleg slit pants right now. They’re not jeans but I still love them at the moment.


PAIGE: How does PAIGE fit into your personal style?

Rocky: I like the idea that sexy is never trying too hard. So it’s a mix of casual jeans with a sexy top or a button-up shirt with a cute skirt and always kind of effortless.

PAIGE: Which denim trend are you most excited for this spring?

Rocky: I love mixing denim jackets with spring dresses and I’m super into the high-waisted, cropped style jeans. And anything ‘80s-inspired. I’m super into that right now.


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