Vintage Revival

written by Rocky Barnes Blog June 12, 2014

There is nothing more exciting to me than finding an amazing vintage clothing piece. To me, it is the equivalent of finding buried treasure. I came across a vintage clothing garage sale (that in itself is a rare treat), while on my way home a couple weeks ago. It was the second day of a two day sale, so I didn’t get my hopes up on finding anything special, but decided to look anyways. I walked up to the house and my heart started to race. Even from a distance I knew I had scored. I sifted through the racks and came home with the mother load. So many amazing, one of a kind pieces I can’t wait to wear.
This navy silk dress was one of my favorites from that day. It is pretty much the most luxurious silk pajama set in the form of a dress. Does it get any better than that? i think not…

Vintage Silk Navy Dress
Vintage gold and leather belt
Shoes by ZARA
Pink Clutch bought on my last trip to Bali
Necklace by Rocky Barnes x Luna Skye

Photos by the talented Samuel Lippke

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