I am so excited to partner with Swarovski this Mother’s Day, to show a little love to the women who deserve it the most. As I have grown up, I have noticed how much my mom has influenced me. Despite trying with all our might in our early years to be our own person, we each end up carrying on the traits of our parents more than we think. In high school, the thought is devastating, but I have slowly learned that my mom was actually pretty cool.

Looking back on old photos of my mom, I have realized we both share a passion for life, especially traveling. Growing up, whenever we would return from a vacation, my mom would be newly inspired… whether that was redecorating the house, or having new music on repeat. She even went so far one year as to replace our Christmas tree with a Christmas cactus after a trip to Mexico, complete with red chili pepper lights.

Out of all of the things I have inherited from my Mother, her sense of style is one I am super stoked on. My Mom has a knack for making old things new again. She has continued the process of revamping and redesigning her clothes through fashion school and still does it to this day. Mixing vintage finds with modern silhouettes is something that defines ones style- remembering where you came from as well as who you have become. Love you mom!

Jewels by Swaovski.

Photos by Kat Irlin.

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