Craving a quick, low-key weekend getaway? Look no further than the little slice of heaven known as Costa Careyes. Located along the south coast of Jalisco, Mexico, Careyes is a colorful estate resort home to private villas, casitas, bungalows and residences. The one of a kind community was founded in 1968 by artist, Gian Franco Brignone and has been family operated since its inception. I was lucky enough to travel there with some of my favorite people and couldn’t recommend it more for anyone looking to escape the daily grind. Here are all my recs for this dreamy paradise…


Book a stay at one of the villas, casitas or the hotel in Careyes. Our group of 12 fit perfectly in the Sol De Oriente Ocean Castle which is one of the 42 villas in the community. True to its name, the space is painted a bright yellow and boasts panoramic ocean views, not to mention, an infinity pool that loops around the entire space.


If you have the chance, renting a boat for a few hours is a great way to get a view of Careyes from the ocean. We had the best time drinking margs, enjoying the sunshine (drenched in SPF 100) and admiring the vibrant bungalows sprinkled throughout the cliffs.


For lunch with a view, head to Playa Rosa. Perched on the private beach of the Casitas, this indoor/outdoor patio-style restaurant is home to fresh seafood, delicious pastas and more. The well known lunch spot is also open for breakfast and dinner.


Tucked into an oceanside cliff at the edge of Playa Teopa, you’ll come across another Gian Franco Brignone masterpiece known as La Copa del Sol. This 35 foot creation spans over 88 feet in diameter and represents the woman. The massive art piece was built with the intension of capturing the sun and doubles as an acoustically sound pocket.


Catch the sunset and dive in for a quick swim before heading off to dinner. If you happen to have a drone, you’ll make the best use of that birds eye view at the pool with your friends – check out our water acrobatics shot…


After some down time, it’s tequila time. Book a reservation at Las Rosadas where we had a tequila tasting followed by a candlelit dinner situated in between two palm trees on the beach. After dinner, take a walk along the beach and start a bonfire with a big group – it was the best way to end the night.


In addition to being rich in culture and architecture, Careyes is also a huge sanctuary to sea turtles. The Sea Turtle Protection & Conservation Center was founded in 1983 by the Brignone family when there were only ten turtle eggs on the beach. Now the center gives sanctuary to over 2,000 sea turtles and is singlehandedly responsible for releasing nearly 1.5 million sea turtle eggs into the ocean to date. We didn’t have a chance to see them while we were there but I heard it’s the most amazing experience to watch the baby turtles take their first steps towards the ocean. For more information on how to you can help these little guys thrive, visit The Careyes Foundation.

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