The Big Chill

written by Rocky Barnes Blog September 14, 2017

With all the New York fashion week madness there is nothing better than a casual day back in LA. With summer cooling down the best way to dress for the day is layers…I piled on a few of my favorite pieces from Abercrombie. for a casual cool look to run around town. Love the camo layer so much… can’t get enough of the military vibes for fall! Shop my look and my other Abercrombie pieces below.

Featured Denim Jacket by Abercrombie.

Featured Camo Jacket by Abercrombie.

Featured Tee by Abercrombie.

Featured Jeans by Abercrombie.

Shop Abercrombie Denim Here.

Shop sneakers at Abercrombie.

Shop Abercrombie.

Shot by Matt Cooper in Los Angeles, California.

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